Electric Vehicles  Monitoring & Alerts

I99 Fleet Monitoring & Alerts

Industrial Asset Monitoring Actions

Industrial refrigerators are essential for businesses that need to store food, medicine, or other temperature-sensitive...

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EV Monitoring & Actions

An EV owner can set up an alert to notify them when their EV is fully charged, so that they can unplug it and avoid paying for unnecessary charging time. An EV owner can set up an alert to notify ...

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Dashcam Monitoring & Action Flow

If you are looking for a DashCam with mobile alerts or If you are a fleet owner, I encourage you to consider using innovation99 DashCam mobile ...

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3rd Party Integration

We aim to connect all other applications through integrations.

Very Low Code / No Code

Low-code, no-code platform is very much intentionally designed.

API Access

Ensures that any Authorized users or applications can get access to specific data.  Helps with Automation.

Custom Dashboard

Enables you to display desired set of metrics and Actionable data points in one screen.