AI99 Industrial Asset Tracking

Smooth operation of Industrial Assets is crucial for profitability, safety.   Innovation99 provides Artificial Intelligence based Monitoring service;  to identify, engage, track; and also predict upcoming potential failures of assets.  I99 Action flows help, creating tickets in your systems and track them till closure.  AI99 helps to identify issues; otherwise needed to be monitored by 24x7 human guards.

I99 Industrial Equipment Monitoring & Alerts

Innovation99 Industrial equipment monitoring and mobile alerts are essential for maintaining efficient and safe operations. By tracking key equipment metrics, such as temperature, vibration, performance, and utilisation, Innovation99 industrial monitoring systems can help to identify potential problems early on and prevent costly downtime.

I99 Dashcam Monitoring & Alerts

Innovation99 DashCam Mobile alerts allow fleet owners to receive notifications on their smartphones in the event of certain events, such as a sudden change in speed, distracted driver behaviour etc. Innovation99 DashCam monitoring & mobile alerts provide real time video footage that can be used as evidence in the event of an accident, and it can also be used to monitor driving habits and improve safety.

I99 Electric Vehicles Monitoring & Alerts

Innovation99 EV monitoring systems track key vehicle metrics, such as state of charge (SOC), battery health, charging status, and location. Innovation99 Mobile alerts allow EV owners to be notified of important events, such as when their EV is fully charged, when the battery is low, or when there is a problem with the vehicle.

Industrial Asset Monitoring Actions

Industrial refrigerators are essential for businesses that need to store food, medicine, or other temperature-sensitive...

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EV Monitoring & Actions

An EV owner can set up an alert to notify them when their EV is fully charged, so that they can unplug it and avoid paying for unnecessary charging time. An EV owner can set up an alert to notify ...

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Dashcam Monitoring & Action Flow

If you are looking for a DashCam with mobile alerts or If you are a fleet owner, I encourage you to consider using innovation99 DashCam mobile ...

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Electric Vehicles  Monitoring & Alerts

I99 Fleet Monitoring & Alerts

Scalable Infinitely

No matter, if you have 1 asset or 1000's of assets; we are ready to support you, with scaling of your business. As we aim to reduce your expenses, there is a great opportunity for you to scale your business infinitely. This is where, we are ready to grow you infinitely.

AI99 Foresight

AI99 is building a global-scale data and intelligence platform; which prevents you to reduce wastage; by predicting equipment failures. Also we provide Truck Driver behavioural Analysis.

3rd Party Integration

We aim to connect all other applications through integrations.

Very Low Code / No Code

Low-code, no-code platform is very much intentionally designed.

API Access

Ensures that any Authorized users or applications can get access to specific data.  Helps with Automation.

Custom Dashboard

Enables you to display desired set of metrics and Actionable data points in one screen.