EV Fleet Monitoring & Alerts

Innovation99 Electric vehicle (EV) monitoring and mobile alerts are essential for managing and maintaining EVs. Innovation99  EV monitoring systems track key vehicle metrics, such as state of charge (SOC), battery health, charging status, and location. Innovation99  Mobile alerts allow EV owners to be notified of important events, such as when their EV is fully charged, when the battery is low, or when there is a problem with the vehicle

  • An EV owner can set up an alert to notify them when their EV is fully charged, so that they can unplug it and avoid paying for unnecessary charging time.

  • An EV owner can set up an alert to notify them when their EV's battery is low, so that they can find a charging station before the vehicle runs out of power.

  • An EV owner can set up an alert to notify them if there is a problem with their EV's battery, such as a decrease in range or an increase in charging time.

  • An EV owner can use Innovation99  mobile app to track their EV's location and check its SOC remotely.

A fleet manager can use an Innovation99  EV monitoring system to track the location and performance of their fleet vehicles.

EV Fleet Kilometre Prediction Alerts

Innovation99 EV mobile alerts and notifications are a way for commercial EV  drivers to stay connected with their vehicles and the surrounding charging infrastructure. These alerts can provide information about the vehicle's battery level, the nearest charging stations, and the availability of those stations. They can also be used to schedule charging sessions, receive reminders to charge the vehicle, and be notified of any problems with the vehicle.

Innovation99 Kilometre prediction alerts are a type of EV mobile alert that provides an estimate of how far the vehicle can travel on its remaining battery charge. This information can be helpful for drivers who are planning long trips or who want to make sure they have enough range to get to their destination

  • Innovation99 can help you improve your driving efficiency. By knowing how many kilometres you can drive on your current battery charge, you can adjust your driving style to conserve energy.

  • Innovation99 can help drivers plan their trips more efficiently, by ensuring that they have enough range to reach their destination.

  • Innovation99 can help drivers save money on charging costs, by charging the vehicle when it is most convenient and cost-effective.

  • Innovation99 can help drivers reduce their environmental impact, by driving less and charging the vehicle more efficiently

Route Planning With Charging Stations Monitor & Alerts

Innovation99 monitoring and alerts can also be used to identify potential problems with EV charging stations, such as a station that is out of order or a station that is not accepting payments. This information can be used to quickly troubleshoot problems and to ensure that EV drivers have access to reliable charging stations.

Here are some of the benefits of using Innovation99 route planning with charging stations monitoring & mobile alerts to fleet owners.

  • Reduces range anxiety for EV drivers

  • Helps drivers plan more efficient routes

  • Improves the reliability of EV charging stations

  • Provides fleet owners with real-time information about their vehicles

  • Helps to identify and troubleshoot problems with EV charging stations

EV, GPS, Optimal Vehicle Usage, Trip Planning, Vehicle Location Monitoring

Fleet owners of electric vehicles (EVs) can use Innovation99 GPS tracking to optimise vehicle usage, plan trips, and monitor vehicle location and status. GPS tracking can help fleet owners to:

  • Innovation99 Identify underutilised vehicles and reassign them to drivers who need them more.

  • Innovation99 Plan efficient routes for drivers, which can save time and fuel.

  • Innovation99 Track the location of vehicles in real time, which can be helpful in case of a theft or accident.

  • Fleet owners Receive alerts if a vehicle is outside of a designated area or if it experiences a mechanical problem.

by using Innovation99  GPS tracking, fleet owners can improve the efficiency and safety of their EV fleets. They can also save money on fuel and maintenance costs.

Innovation99 GPS tracking is a valuable tool for fleet owners of EVs. It can help them to improve the efficiency, safety, and customer service of their fleets.