Our Story

At Innovation99, we are dedicated to revolutionising fleet management by harnessing the power of video and data. As a trusted partner, we contribute to an extensive and constantly expanding database of driving data, which enables us to continuously refine the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions.

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Our Technology

At Innovation99, we leverage years of experience and a robust collection of professionally reviewed video and road variables to design intelligent technology solutions that effectively address the challenges faced by commercial fleets

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Your Team

We understand the importance of prompt and reliable customer service in ensuring a seamless experience with our solutions. That's why we have established a dedicated support centre team that is available 24-7, ready to assist you with any inquiries

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Working with various vehicle types, drivers, assets, and data within your fleet necessitates effective management for optimal performance. ....

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At Innovation99, we uphold a stringent information security policy founded on the principle of constant enhancement.  Safeguarding the interests of ....

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Predict & Prevent Issue

Our innovative solutions leverage the power of predictive analytics to forecast equipment failure ....

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Why Innovation99 ?

At Innovation99, we believe in the transformative power of data to drive positive change. We possess an exceptional foundation for understanding true risk through our extensive video database, which captures driving miles in diverse real-world road conditions.

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Seamless API Connectivity

Seamless API connectivity plays a pivotal role in enhancing integration and Fleet optimizing efficiency. API connectivity serves as the backbone of digital integration, allowing systems to communicate and collaborate with the fleet seamlessly.

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We bring you cutting-edge hardware solutions designed to revolutionize various industries. Our range of innovative hardware products is designed to enhance performance, improve safety, and optimize efficiency across multiple sectors.

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