Scalable Infinitely

No matter, if you have 1 asset or 1000's of assets; we are ready to support you, with scaling of your business. As we aim to reduce your expenses, there is a great opportunity for you to scale your business infinitely. This is where, we are ready to grow you infinitely.

API Access

API access ensures that any Authorized users or applications can get specific data, for further processing or reporting, as per Customer need. 

Fast Integration

Getting your Asset ready for tracking; is a matter of 30 minutes and it will not require any major Technical expertise. There is absolute no need to Coding knowledge. We provide out of the box Tracking & Alert solution; for a quick start. Hence Return on your Investment is much faster, than you could even think.

Integrate to Any BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is foundational for many business functions. Depending on size of business, one might be using BPM applications, where in we are ready to trigger Alerts or events to your server. We are tech first company, so be ready to come up with all your needs.

Very Low Code / No Code

Low-code, no-code platforms are intentionally designed to enable business users with little to no or zero coding knowledge to Launch enterprise-grade applications. As our product requires no tech expertise, you are minutes away from deploying Assets online.

3rd Party Integration

We aim to connect to as many other applications as possible through integrations. We also encourage third parties to build integrations with us 

Custom Dashboard

Innovation99 Custom dashboard enables you to display your desired set of metrics and data points on one screen. You can display application, server, and database metrics from your Assets. You can also supplement the built-in dashboards (such as the application dashboard, tier dashboard, and so on) and display metrics that are of interest. 

AI99 - AI Foresight

AI99 is building a global-scale data and intelligence platform; which prevents you to reduce wastage; by predicting equipment failures. Also we provide Truck Driver behavioural Analysis . 

We continuously monitor your Asset performance and by comparing 100's of running parameters, with other failed equipment, we can tell upfront that your equipment is coming for a proper maintenance. There by, it will reduce product wastage; from sudden breakdown of your equipment.