HiTech Industrial

Hi-tech and industrial organizations lose millions of dollars every year due to broken supply chains. They face multiple challenges including low visibility and traceability of their facilities and the shipments in transit, manual cycle counting, delays, product damages due to mishandling, asset life management, and quality control.  Innovation99 provide real time tracking solution to avoid all these problems.

Fleet Management

Drivers are the biggest expense, If you maintain a Delivery / Taxi / Haulage Services Company.   Focus is always to improve the efficient utilisation of Drivers and fleet time.  It is vital to understand the Driver behaviour, Real time road traffic conditions, Status of Vehicle.  AI based Dual-Camera tracks driver behaviour, Tiredness, eye moments, usage of mobile phones, drinking & smoking.  Identification of these parameters not only help Fleet owners, but also alert drivers, for a potential break.  It allows understanding of detailed driver behaviour, for various conditions.  These cabin and road photos and or videos, will also help in claiming Insurances.

Continuous Tracking and alerting vehicles & drivers, not improves efficiency, but also drivers are more attentive for a better performance of fleet.  Ultimately, it will reduce repair and Insurance costs.

Electric Vehicles

The primary concern for all EV manufacturers is to get away the fear of Inaccurate battery status.  In current situation, all EV vehicle owners has a big question mark, whether they get back home, without running out of battery charge.  Current solutions are not providing exact status of battery, as batteries degrade with time and usage.  Our voltage sensors continously provide details like time to charge, time to discharge, speed vs battery consumption.  Using mobile app, customers can track detailed battery information and also receive alerts, with regard to sufficiency of power, for a successful trip completion.  Also we are offering nearby charging station recommendations, which will solve problem of long distance EV travel.


Our solution supports your Cold Chain F&B Services in delivering food and beverages to your customers at any location.  Our Tracking Reports provide assurance to your customers, about Quality of product, throughout the Supply Chain.  Modern Customers are not only looking for Product Quality at your warehouse; rather interested in detailed analytics, throughout the Supply Chain; to reduce all potential losses from wastage. F&B manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce companies use Innovation99 to get real-time visibility and traceability of raw materials and finished goods. We help reduce food spoilage and improve operational efficiency. What’s more? We optimize the balance between supply chain productivity and management of food safety and compliance.

Pharma & Healthcare

Innovation99 pharma monitoring systems can be used to track a variety of factors, such as drug inventory, medication adherence, and adverse drug events. This information can be used to improve the safety and efficacy of medication use, and to identify and address potential problems before they cause harm to patients.

Innovation99 healthcare monitoring systems can be used to track a wide range of health indicators, such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels, and respiratory rate. This data can be used to identify patients who are at risk of developing complications, and to provide early intervention to prevent these complications from occurring.

Innovation99 mobile  alerts can be sent to healthcare providers, patients, or caregivers when certain thresholds are met. For example, a mobile alert might be sent to a doctor if a patient's blood pressure drops below a certain level. Or, a mobile alert might be sent to a patient if they miss a dose of their medication.