Dashcam monitoring false accidents claim

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False accident claims can be a costly problem for fleet owners. In addition to the financial losses, false claims can also damage a fleet owner's reputation. Innovation99 DashCam monitoring & alerts service  can be a valuable tool for fleet owners to prevent and defend against false accident claims.

  • Innovation99 sends immediate notifications about accidents to fleet owners so that they can take the right action immediately. This helps fleet owners to avoid many problems, such as making false accident claims 

  • Also innovation99 tries to avoid possible accidents due to driver tiredness or lack of focus. 

The specific benefits of instant real-time accident video footage from Innovation99 include:

  • It can help you to quickly assess the situation and make the right decisions about how to respond.

  • It can provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident, such as to support your claims or to defend against fraudulent claims.

  • It can help you to improve your fleet's safety by identifying and addressing potential hazards.

How fleet owner monitor dashcam false accidents claim