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How can continuous #tracking and #alerting of vehicles and drivers reduce #repair and #insurance costs for #fleet owners?


Reduced Repair Costs:

Continuous tracking and alerting of vehicles and drivers can help fleet owners reduce repair costs in a number of ways. By monitoring vehicle location and performance in real time, Innovation99 can identify potential issues early on, before they lead to costly breakdowns. For example, if a vehicle is experiencing excessive idling or hard braking, Innovation99  can send an alert to the fleet manager, who can then take steps to address the problem. This proactive approach can help to prevent major repairs and extend the life of vehicles.

Reduced Insurance Costs:

Many insurance companies offer discounts to fleet owners who use tracking and alerting systems. This is because these systems can help to reduce the risk of accidents and theft. For example, if a vehicle is stolen, the Innovation99 tracking system can help law enforcement to recover it quickly. Additionally, the data collected by the system can be used to coach drivers on safe driving practices, which can further reduce the risk of accidents.

Overall, continuous tracking and alerting of vehicles and drivers can be a valuable tool for fleet owners who are looking to reduce their repair and insurance costs. Innovation99 is a leading provider of these systems, and their solutions can help businesses of all sizes to improve their fleet operations.

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