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How Innovation99 Electric vehicle (EV) charging status mobile alerts  are essential tools for EV owners to monitor vehicle location and next trip plan?


Fleet owners of electric vehicles (EVs) can use Innovation99 GPS tracking to optimise vehicle usage, plan trips, and monitor vehicle location and status. GPS tracking can help fleet owners to:

  • Innovation99 Identify underutilised vehicles and reassign them to drivers who need them more.

  • Innovation99 Plan efficient routes for drivers, which can save time and fuel.

  • Innovation99 Track the location of vehicles in real time, which can be helpful in case of a theft or accident.

  • Fleet owners Receive alerts if a vehicle is outside of a designated area or if it experiences a mechanical problem.

by using Innovation99  GPS tracking, fleet owners can improve the efficiency and safety of their EV fleets. They can also save money on fuel and maintenance costs.

Innovation99 GPS tracking is a valuable tool for fleet owners of EVs. It can help them to improve the efficiency, safety, and customer service of their fleets.