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How Innovation99 Electric vehicle (EV) mobile alerts  helps to EV owners to find charging station ?


Innovation99 Route planning with charging stations monitoring is a process of planning a route for an electric vehicle (EV) that takes into account the availability of charging stations along the way. This is important for EV drivers to avoid range anxiety, which is the fear of running out of battery power before reaching their destination.

Innovatio99 mobile alerts can be sent to fleet owners to notify them of the status of their vehicles, including their location, battery level, and charging status. This can be helpful for fleet owners to track the efficiency of their vehicles and to ensure that they are always operating within their range.

Innovation99 monitoring and alerts can also be used to identify potential problems with EV charging stations, such as a station that is out of order or a station that is not accepting payments. This information can be used to quickly troubleshoot problems and to ensure that EV drivers have access to reliable charging stations.

Here are some of the benefits of using Innovation99 route planning with charging stations monitoring & mobile alerts to fleet owners.

  • Reduces range anxiety for EV drivers

  • Helps drivers plan more efficient routes

  • Improves the reliability of EV charging stations

  • Provides fleet owners with real-time information about their vehicles

  • Helps to identify and troubleshoot problems with EV charging stations

Innovation99 route planning with charging stations monitoring & mobile alerts to fleet owners can help to improve the experience of driving an EV and to make it a more viable option for transportation.