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How Innovation99 monitoring & mobile alerts helps to detect fuel volume spikes (when there is a sudden high amount of fuel gets removed / stolen fuel)  in vehicles ?


Fuel theft is a major problem for fleet owners, costing billions of dollars each year. One way to combat fuel theft is to use fuel volume spikes monitoring alerts. These alerts are triggered when there is a sudden and unexplained decrease in fuel volume in a truck.

For example, a fleet owner might receive an alert that truck DU4563U has experienced a sudden decrease in fuel volume by 20.7 gallons. This could be a sign that the fuel tank has been tampered with or that the fuel has been stolen.

When a fleet owner receives a Innovation99  fuel volume spikes monitoring alert, they can take immediate action to investigate the situation. They can contact the driver of the truck to see if they know anything about the fuel loss. They can also review security footage to see if there is any evidence of tampering.

If the fleet owner determines that the fuel has been stolen, they can take steps to recover the fuel and prevent future thefts. They can also report the theft to the police.

Innovation99 fuel volume spikes monitoring alerts can help fleet owners save money and protect their assets

By usingInnovation99  fuel volume spikes monitoring alerts, fleet owners can save money and protect their assets from fuel theft. By quickly investigating and responding to fuel theft alerts, fleet owners can minimize the financial losses associated with fuel theft.

In addition, fuel volume spikes monitoring alerts can help fleet owners deter fuel theft. Thieves are less likely to target trucks that they know are monitored for fuel theft.

Overall, Innovation99 fuel volume spikes monitoring alerts are a valuable tool for fleet owners who want to prevent fuel theft and protect their assets.