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Is there any app to help #Commercial Electric Vehicle owners to #plan their #journeys and avoid the #risk of running out of #Battery charge?


Innovation99  typically use real-time traffic data, EV charging station locations, and vehicle range estimates to provide drivers with the most efficient route and identify charging stations along the way. Innovation99 offers a comprehensive suite of EV routing and charging solutions that empower businesses to optimize their EV fleet operations and minimize range anxiety.

1. Route Optimization and Charging Station Planning:

Innovation99's solutions integrate real-time traffic data, weather forecasts, and EV charging station locations to plan the most efficient and time-efficient routes for commercial EV fleets. The solutions consider factors such as traffic congestion, road conditions, and charging station availability to minimize detours and ensure timely arrivals.

2. Real-time Battery Range Monitoring and Alerts:

Innovation99's solutions provide real-time insights into battery level, range estimates, and energy consumption patterns for each EV in the fleet. This real-time visibility enables fleet managers to proactively identify potential range issues and plan charging stops accordingly.

3. Predictive Analytics and Risk Mitigation:

Innovation99's advanced predictive analytics capabilities analyze historical data, driving behavior, and environmental factors to anticipate potential range issues and identify high-risk routes. This proactive approach allows businesses to take preventive measures, such as scheduling additional charging stops or rerouting vehicles to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

4. Integrated Driver Guidance and Coaching:

Innovation99's solutions provide in-vehicle navigation systems that guide drivers along the most efficient routes and alert them to upcoming charging stations. The solutions also offer driver coaching modules that promote eco-friendly driving practices and extend battery life.

5. Comprehensive Fleet Management and Analytics:

Innovation99's fleet management platform provides a centralized view of EV fleet operations, including real-time location tracking, battery status monitoring, and charging history. This comprehensive data-driven approach enables businesses to optimize route planning, manage charging infrastructure, and make informed decisions to maximize EV fleet efficiency.

By implementing Innovation99's advanced EV routing, charging, and fleet management solutions, commercial EV owners can effectively plan their journeys, avoid range anxiety, and optimize their EV fleet operations for long-term sustainability.