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What are the two most important #factors to consider when #transporting #seafood products like #fish and #prawns?


Ensuring the quality and safety of seafood products during transportation is crucial for preserving their freshness, preventing spoilage, and maintaining consumer satisfaction. Innovation99 offers advanced solutions that empower businesses to effectively transport seafood products while maintaining their integrity and freshness.

1. Maintaining Optimal Temperature:

Seafood products are highly perishable and require consistent temperature control throughout the transportation process. Maintaining an optimal temperature range, typically between 0°C to 4°C, prevents bacterial growth, enzymatic activity, and quality degradation. Innovation99's temperature monitoring and control systems provide real-time insights into temperature fluctuations and enable proactive intervention to maintain the desired temperature range.

2. Minimizing Moisture Exposure:

Excessive moisture can lead to spoilage, bacterial growth, and loss of texture in seafood products. Proper packaging and controlled humidity levels are essential for minimizing moisture exposure. Innovation99's humidity monitoring and control systems provide real-time data on humidity levels and trigger alerts when deviations occur, allowing for timely adjustments to maintain optimal humidity conditions.