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What types of #alerts can be received through #accurate #shipment #tracking, along with #Temperature, moisture, location; and how can they be shared with customers in #real-time?


Accurate shipment tracking provides valuable insights into the movement and condition of goods throughout the supply chain, enabling businesses to proactively address potential issues and keep customers informed. Innovation99 offers advanced tracking solutions that deliver a range of customizable alerts, enabling real-time communication with customers and stakeholders.

Types of Alerts:

  1. Location Alerts: Innovation99 track shipments in real-time and receive notifications when shipments reach predefined checkpoints, such as origin, transit hubs, and final destination.

  2. Temperature Alerts: Innovation99 monitor and receive alerts when temperature deviations occur, ensuring that temperature-sensitive goods remain within the acceptable range.

  3. Moisture Alerts: Innovation99 monitor and receive alerts when moisture levels exceed predetermined thresholds, preventing spoilage and damage to moisture-sensitive goods.

  4. Delivery ETA Alerts: Receive accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates and notify customers of any delays or changes in delivery schedules.

Real-time Sharing with Customers:

  1. Customer Portals: Provide customers with secure access to real-time shipment tracking information through personalized portals, allowing them to track their shipments independently.

  2. Email and SMS Notifications: Send automated email and SMS notifications to customers, providing updates on shipment location, temperature, moisture, and delivery ETA.

  3. Embedded Tracking Widgets: Integrate Innovation99 shipment tracking widgets into customer websites or mobile apps, allowing customers to track their shipments directly from their preferred platforms.

  4. Customizable Alert Templates: Create customizable alert templates that tailor the information communicated to customers based on the specific shipment and recipient.

  5. Multi-lingual Support: Ensure Innovation99  real-time communication reaches customers worldwide by providing translations and multi-lingual support for alerts and shipment tracking information.

By utilizing Innovation99's advanced shipment tracking solutions and leveraging real-time alert capabilities, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, foster trust, and build strong customer relationships through transparent communication and proactive issue resolution.