EKA Omni-TMS  

by Innovation99

Seamless Synergy: EKA Omni-TMS Takes Flight with Innovation99


Distinctive Attributes

  • Elevate your freight management with EKA Omni-TMS's groundbreaking integration with Innovation99.
  • Bid farewell to disjointed workflows and data silos as this collaboration opens the door to a seamless experience, empowering you to optimize every facet of your freight journey with ease.

Key Features

  • ​Real-time data from Innovation99 seamlessly integrates into EKA Omni-TMS, offering a comprehensive view of your operations in a centralized platform.
  • Utilize Innovation99's real-time traffic and weather data to dynamically optimize routes, minimizing delays and enhancing efficiency.
  • Gain valuable insights into operations and customer needs, facilitating informed choices to enhance service and deliver exceptional value.
  • Keep customers informed with real-time tracking and proactive notifications, surpassing expectations and building trust. 
  • ​Identify areas for improvement in driver behavior, implement targeted coaching programs, and witness fuel savings accumulate.


Available globally, EKA Omni-TMS with Innovation99 integration is ready to revolutionize freight management across the world.

Supported Region

Currently accessible in the wordwide countries