by Innovation99

Dynamic Savings, Real-Time Insights: HDVI and Innovation99 Join Forces to Transform Your Fleet Insurance


Distinctive Attributes

  • Experience unparalleled precision with HDVI, the trailblazer in dynamic insurance pricing, in collaboration with Innovation99, the cutting-edge connected operations platform.
  • This groundbreaking partnership leverages real-time data to introduce dynamic pricing, personalized risk insights, and the potential for substantial premium reductions, all seamlessly integrated into your existing policy term. 

Key Features

  • ​Replace guesswork with Innovation99's comprehensive data feed, featuring driving behavior, vehicle health, and environmental factors.
  • HDVI's advanced AI analyzes fleet data, creating personalized risk profiles that accurately reflect unique situations.
  • HDVI provides transparent insights into risk factors impacting premiums, optimizing operations and driving down costs.
  • Effortless data flow as Innovation99 seamlessly integrates with HDVI, automating the secure feeding of fleet data into the risk model.
  • ​Access your fleet's risk profile, insights, and potential savings instantly through HDVI's user-friendly dashboard.  


Ready for a revolutionary fleet insurance experience? Move beyond static premiums and embrace dynamic pricing based on real-time data and continuous improvement with Innovation99 and HDVI. Reduce insurance costs, gain valuable insights, and drive a culture of safety within your existing policy term.

Supported Region

Currently accessible in the wordwide countries