Operative IQ 

by Innovation99

Boost Emergency Fleet Efficiency: Operative IQ Soars with Innovation99


Distinctive Attributes

  • Revolutionize your emergency service vehicle maintenance with Operative IQ, the premier platform for optimizing vehicle health.
  • Now in collaboration with Innovation99, unlock the potential of telematics data for intelligent scheduling and proactive maintenance.

Key Features

  • ​Move beyond reactive repairs with real-time data on engine health, fuel consumption, and driving patterns from Innovation99.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance based on real-time data to identify and address potential issues before they cause breakdowns.
  • Proactive maintenance maximizes operational uptime, keeping vehicles on the road and response times at their peak.
  • Gain a holistic fleet view within Operative IQ, tracking trends, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Facilitate seamless communication by sharing data and maintenance updates with drivers and dispatch.
  • Address safety risks before accidents occur, ensuring reliable transportation for emergency crews.


Elevate your emergency fleet maintenance globally with the transformative power of real-time data and predictive maintenance from Innovation99 and Operative IQ.

Supported Region

Currently accessible in the wordwide countries