Pulsar Informatics 

by Innovation99

Drive Safer, Smarter: Empower your Fleet with Pulsar Informatics and Innovation99


Distinctive Attributes

  • Elevate driver safety and operational efficiency with the dynamic collaboration of Pulsar Informatics and Innovation99.
  • This powerful synergy goes beyond conventional data sharing, offering actionable insights to proactively address fatigue and prevent accidents.

Key Features

  • ​Innovation99's robust data platform captures crucial driver metrics such as sleep patterns, driving behavior, and environmental factors.
  • Pulsar's AI Advantage: Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, Pulsar analyzes this data to predict high-fatigue risk conditions before they escalate.
  • ​Foster a safety culture by encouraging transparent communication with drivers about fatigue and stress management techniques.
  • Empower drivers with personalized insights and support for higher morale, improved performance, and reduced turnover.
  • Proactive fatigue management results in safer roads and fewer accidents, safeguarding both drivers and your business. 


Experience the benefits of the Innovation99 and Pulsar Informatics partnership worldwide, ensuring safer roads and stronger fleets globally.

Supported Region

Currently accessible in the wordwide countries